Svenska Ekoturismföreningen

The Swedish ecoturism organization work for a better ecoturism. A turism that protect and take responsibility for nature and culture all over the wourld. 

Naturens bästa

Nature´s Best is the first national quality label for nature tours in Europe. This is ecotourism in Sweden at its best!

 Njord norra bohuslän

The fishermen in the north of Bohuslän is the initiator of the trademark Njord. The purpose of this organization is to take care of the unique environment this area offers. These fishermen catch the seafood close to the coast and they always deliver seafood of the highest quality without consume the under water environment. If you care about the nature and would like to eat high quality seafood you should look for the trademark Njord. 

 Ostron akademien

Ostron Akademien is a non-profit organization for those who have an interest of oysters. The purpose of the organization is to take care of the potential of the Swedish oysters and to support everyone who likes oysters, fishermen,  divers, restaurateurs, reserchers, suppliers and so on.



Tanumstrand is situated on the outskirts of the town with a nice view over the ocean. This hotel offers both hotel rooms and cottages. They also have SPA, gym, swimming pool (inside and outside), minigolf, restautant and a bar.


Grebbestad Fjorden


Grebbestad Fjorden is situated only minutes from the ocean and offers both a camping and a boarding house. This is a perfect place to stay if you want to stay close to the heart of Grebbestad.


Grebbestad Vandrarhem & Minihotell


Grebbestads hostel is situated in the heart of Grebbestad with a view over the beautiful harbor and the island Otterön. If you stay in this hostel you have restaurants, shops, bars and the ocean really close to you. The hostel have a kitchen, a big dining room and a nice saloon with a TV.


Båtbilden -Väst


Båtbilden - Väst is an archive with lot of pictures of Bohuslän. Examples of what you can find here is pictures of the beautiful archipelago, lobsters, food, and the typical westcoast houses.